The Child Centre Method 

Dr Alweena Awan is the Founder and International Director of The Child Centre Method - Learning and Behaviour Improvement Program® (CCM). CCM is the culmination of over twenty years of experience of working with children, as teacher, researcher and therapist. 

The Child Centre Method® is a;

"systematically integrated program that allows the practitioner to firstly identify the individual challenges that each child/client faces and secondly, to create a unique program for that individual”.

Retained Primitive Reflexes are the keys to understanding many child learning and behaviour issues and the treatment of these forms a major part of The Child Centre Method®.

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What are Primitive Reflexes? 

Primitive and Postural Reflexes are programmed automatic movements which develop in Utero for our survival. An example is the Moro reflex, which allows a newborn to take its first breath. Problems arise if the reflex is retained, as the body is held in “fight/flight” mode. As a baby grows up, this primitive reflex is replaced by newly learned movements, in a process of integration.

However, when the process of integration is not complete, the reflex will have an adverse effect on a child’s emotional well-being as well as how the child learns and behaves.

ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, difficulty with reading and writing, concentration and emotional management are examples of issues related to retained primitive reflexes.


How does The Child Centre Method help with Retained Primitive Reflexes?

The Child Centre Method®assessment allows the practitioner to build a very clear picture of what is going on at a neurological and behavioural level with the child. It includes reading and writing tests, sound and visual mechanics, as well as physical movement capacity tests, to determine the child’s issues and the Primitive Reflexes involved.

When these have been accurately determined, a unique plan can be created for the child. The plan is determined by selecting elements of the programme to suit the specific needs of the child.


What sort of results should I expect from The Child Centre Method?

When a Primitive Reflex has been integrated the changes in child behaviour are always noticeable. You will have removed a stress or several layers of stress from the child. As a result, your child be;

• calmer and more stable, happier.

• less shy or less aggressive.

• have better coordination.

• have improved spelling, writing and comprehension.

• have improved coordination.


How many treatments in The Child Centre Method does it take to effect Retained Primitive Reflexes?

The number of treatments really depends on of the severity of the condition at hand. On average between 5-10 treatments will have a significant and measurable impact on your child's development. When the assessment is carried out parents will have a very clear picture about what is causing the child’s issue and how many treatments may be required.

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Upcoming Workshop

Attuning to Full Potential Intensive 15th—18th October 2017 930am-5pm Cork City Ireland Cost €850

This is four day course that will teach you to muscle test. No previous experience is necessary. You will learn to self- balance as well as balancing others using a very simple and powerful system.

We are full of potential but blockages, self-sabotage, resistance & belief systems hinder us from connecting to our essential nature — from Attuning to Full Potential.

  • Become a Therapist or gain a tool for working on yourself.
  • Learn how to use muscle testing and Icons in combination to help regain balance.
  • Using muscle testing, the body selects the Icons needed for the healing process to begin.
  • Tap into Universal Energy, clear old programs, memories & stress via the Icons.
  • Activate the dormant codes within your DNA allowing transformation to begin.
  • Reconnect to your essential nature, raise your vibration and reactivate your embedded knowledge.

Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) is a new kinesiology modality that uses vibration icons monitored by muscle response to effect profound change in the client. The gift of AFP is that it allows the practitioner to work on themselves at profoundly deep levels, thus attuning them to their own full potential and unlimited growth. As this process develops one’s effectiveness as a therapist increases dramatically.

The vibration AFP icons are like a menu to release blockages from and find a new state of balance towards your full potential. With AFP you clear physical, emotional, structural or energetic blockages as well as belief systems, to help find the pathway to make new choices.

APF helps to raise consciousness by activating the dormant codes within your DNA, therefore allowing the process of transformation to begin. AFP symbols help you to reactivate your embedded knowledge by attuning to it, finding the right wave length to access you own potential, and accessing the body’s innate wisdom.

Its simple to use as via muscle testing the body chooses the icons that are required for the process of healing to begin.

For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €850.


Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle €160
AFP 1 (includes materials) Circle €240
AFP 2 (includes materials) €240
AFP 3 ( 2 day training) (includes materials) €480
Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle & AFP 1 or AFP 2 €375
Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle & AFP 1, 2 & 3 €950
AFP 1,2 & 3 €850
AFP 1 & 2 €430
AFP 2 & 3 €680

 Attuning to Full Potential 2 - October 16th 2017  930am-5pm Cork City Ireland Cost €240

This one day course can be completed by those who have completed Attuning to Full Potential. 

Attuning to Full Potential 2

AFP 2 will give definitions and open up your vision so you begin to understand AFP Philosophy or ‘brains on’ explanation. The Mini AFP workshop is a prerequisite

  • Helps you to feel confident and relaxed in balancing yourself and others.
  • Consolidates and refines the art of muscle testing to access underlying stress.
  • Connect and attune more to the six symbols.
  • Clear old programmes, memories, and stress that are blocking your progress by going back to the root of the cause via muscle testing.
  • Learn to ‘read” the links of the symbols causing the stress and balancing the stress.
  • Connect more deeply with Universal energy.
  • Attuning to Full Potential allows the release of old patterns and programmes, habits and belief systems to the part of you which creates experiences for healing to occur.


The vibrational AFP icons give access to your body’s files, like a menu, to release blockages and find a new state of  balance and attuning to your full potential (AFP). They will help you to connect to joy, centering, connecting to your heart, hydrating your soul and reconnecting with the original intention of your higher self.


For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €240.

Attuning to Full Potential 3 - October 17th and 18th 2017 930am-5pm Cork City Ireland  Cost 480 euros 

This two day course can be completed by those who have completed Attuning to Full Potential 1 and 2 or attuning to Full Potential 1 and CCM 3. Cost 480 euro

Completion of AFP 3 will give you all twenty-four icons as well as the six amplifiers and therefore one hundred and forty-four possibilities. You will be able to work on yourself or your client to clear sabotages, blockages, belief systems that no longer serve you, help you make new pathways and choices to become all that you or the client can be.


For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €480.

Ho'oponopono Harmonising Circle - October 14th 2017 Cork City Ireland Cost 160 euros 

Are you ready for new beginnings, new ideas, new ventures, new perspectives? What happens when you want to make the shift but you don’t know what next or how? If you are serious about making a change in ANY aspect of your life, you will leave this workshop on with the ‘WHAT’ & the tools to make the ‘HOW’ happen.

The Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle workshop gives you a very simple, but effective way of cleaning and clearing patterns that are holding you back. This practice provides the environment, the tools and community to live and be one’s authentic self.

  • Do you want to change belief systems that are holding you back?
  • Do you want to get out of your way and overcome conditioning?
  • Do you want to let go so that you can move on?
  • Do you feel blocked in your life?
  • Do you feel out of alignment with your purpose?
  • Do you feel you’re always struggling no matter what you do?


  •     Clarity of thought
  •     A feeling of relief
  •     Ability to take decisions that move you forward with ease

    You leave with a simple set of life tools that allow you to start living in a whole positive new way

The overall aim of HHC is to empower people to take responsibility for themselves, their lives, their wants, wishes and desires and live from a place of natural authenticity within themselves. The HHC provides the environment, the tools and community to live and be one’s authentic self. HHC is a powerful workshop that literally changes people’s lives, dramatically in some cases. With that in mind it is our purpose to hold this vibration within ourselves, a vibration of love, abundance, self- compassion, forgiveness….

HHC is a journey of growth and self discovery. It is a global affair that will show you your value, your worth and will provide you with a big chair for you to sit in circle with, should you choose.

HHC helps to create an amplified container which can cause huge shifts and transformations. It is a container that has the capacity to transform dissonant energy into resonant energy to bring clarity. HHC is about moving away from old patterns of resistance by clearing the memories that are holding you back via and moving to a new point of attraction. The circle helps you to practice staying present, congruent, connected and heart centered heart. You feel a deeper presence, connectedness and clarity and learn to take notes when your heart speaks. You then take this practice out in the world.


Thank you so so much Alweena for a fantastic workshop. It was an amazing experience. Thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful style of teaching. Blessings for your continued success helping countless people help themselves. Thank you. Katherina.

I’m a happy ho’oponopono’er 😇. It’s been the single most important thing that I’ve done in my life. The effects of it are profound and deep and as a tool for creating change its incredible and the effects are far reaching. It’s like dropping a coin into a wishing well and watching the ripples as everything around you starts to unfold. I can’t recommend it enough

For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €160.