The Chakra System

According to traditional Indian medicine, throughout our body we have seven main energy centres. These areas of strong energy are known as charkas. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel, as it’s believed these energy centres rotate and spin like wheels around the subtle body.

These seven main chakras are connected to our being on several different levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On the physical level each charka governs a main organ or gland. As the charkas are essentially energy vortices, they vibrate at different frequencies and resonate with different colours.

If one of more of the seven main chakras is blocked or is unable to vibrate freely, it results in an imbalance in the system. This can manifest in physical ailments, emotional distress or mental upset. Using the crystal bed to clear the energy and release blockages in the chakras enables the body to come back into balance and to heal itself.

Each chakra resonates with a different sound, colour and frequency. As well as governing the physical body, the chakras also have a big impact on our emotional state and our spiritual connection.

Elements of the Base Chakra

The base chakra is connected with our sense of security and our tribal ties whether it is family, religious, community or country. One of the greatest struggles is the battle of the individual within the group. An unbalanced chakra can manifest in trying to enter into the new whilst keeping close ties with the old. This can cause confusions as there is not a clear idea of what one believes in. On the other hand there could be the all or nothing approach where everything old is ruthlessly discarded. Since this experience can be traumatic for all parties involved this can affect the sense of belonging to the new way or group. When balanced and handled with compassion and love it is possible to become an individual whilst maintaining what was good and true in the ‘old ways’. This way the individual can leave with understanding rather than condemnation, with closure rather than an ending.


 Emotional elements



Feeling secure

Not feeling safe

Ground ness





Sense of being a failure







Patterns involved

  • Constantly being stuck
  • Family conflict
  • Children taking over from parents
  • Negative family patterns
  • Unable to give birth to new things
  • Possessive love
  • Codependency
  • Insecurity
  • Over protection
  • Obsession with what other people think
  • Belief Systems
  • I am stuck
  • I am like my mother/father
  • Life is hard
  • Beauty only comes from chaos
  • My children need protection
  • My children will be like me


Elements of the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is involved with issues around relationships, passion, sexuality, fertility and creativity. A well balanced sacral chakra shows in healthy relationships with intimate partners, family and colleagues. This chakra is about not depending on others for our feelings of self-worth. It is also the chakra where creativity is expressed. Parenthood is closely linked to this chakra as well. An unbalanced chakra will represent itself in several ways such as not being able to finish anything or having blocks to creativity. Another form is searching for unity through sexuality and is about the need of validation from another person.

Emotional elements



Emotional intelligence

Overly emotional

Ability to experience pleasure

Fear of pleasure

Healthy boundaries

Poor boundaries


Obsessive attachments

Giving birth to new ideas



Patterns involved

  • Cyclic depression
  • Investing everything in children
  • Issues around sharing
  • Life run by emotions
  • Addicted to the emotions of love
  • Unable to commit to one partner
  • Belief systems involved
  • If I suffer so must others
  • If somebody leaves me I am nothing
  • Without my children I am nothing
  • Depression takes over everything


Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is closely related to our emotions and is the seat of personal power. It is linked with spirituality and how we view ourselves. An unbalanced solar plexus chakra can show in low self-esteem and also in being a victim, oversensitive, and bullied by others - the doormat syndrome. It can also manifest as fear of failure and rejection. When unbalanced this chakra can show itself as self-importance, a manipulator or in the form of feelings of inadequacy. It can also manifest as psychic umbilical cord where two people are dependent on each other emotionally and unhealthy and conditional love.


Emotional elements



Responsible reliable




Good self-esteem

Poor self-esteem


Weak willed



Sense of one’s personal power


Authority/ Assertiveness

Bullying/ Domineering




Needing to rescue others


Judgmental, Low self-esteem, Uncontrolled anger, Fear of being overlooked


Patterns involved

  • Relating sex to power
  • Manipulating others
  • Judgmental
  • Interfering


Belief systems involved

  • I am wise
  • I need to manipulate
  • My greatest strength is my intellect
  • All my judgments are right
  • Winning is important
  • Strength is better than creativity
  • Revenge is justifiable
  • Strength is better than beauty


Heart Chakra

This chakra is linked to how we perceive love and how we give and receive this love. It is different from romantic love (base chakra) or parent-child love (sacral). However, this love can be carried to Heart chakra to give full expression.

This chakra is about unconditional love. It is the love that is drawn from godly love and given to other people. It is about universal love, forgiveness, compassion and a generous spirit.

When unbalanced it can manifest as not being good to be loved and wanting people to love first without realising the need to give love to attract and receive it.

On the opposite is giving too much to feel loved/martyrdom and loving conditionally. A balanced heart chakra leads to sensitivity to others joyfulness, peace and contentment.


Emotional elements








Lack of empathy





Unconditional love

Conditional love

Group consciousness



Patterns involved

  • Possessive love
  • Being able to love many
  • Love fades with beauty
  • Issue with vanity
  • Beauty and love is synonymous
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Loving exclusively jealousy
  • Searching for love through other people
  • Not letting others see the real you
  • Looking for that one true love
  • Loving to be loved


Belief systems involved

  • I must possess the ones I love
  • I can only truly love one person
  • As I age I will be less beautiful
  • I am loved for my looks
  • Love equals sexual attraction
  • I am free to express love in many ways
  • I must fight for what I love
  • I am not lovable
  • Love is jealous
  • Jealousy is love
  • If you really knew me you would not love me
  • Love needs to be earned
  • I must continually please the one I love
  • I need constantly to connect with the love
  • I love so I will be loved
  • I love romantic love
  • Love always dies


Throat chakra

 Communication is the main aspect of this chakra and the throat chakra is the connection between the heart and the brow. It relates to understanding something with our minds and relating it to our hearts. A balanced chakra will enable you to find the right words to fully communicate your thoughts effectively whilst an unbalanced one will lead to repression of thoughts. There will be an internal battle as you know what you want to say but it does not come out right.

The throat chakra is also related to our use of accumulated knowledge throughout our life. A balanced chakra will mean that we can express this knowledge in a fully ordered and effective way and will enable full expression of this knowledge. The expression of this knowledge will also come through in learning something and being able to use it i.e. studying then activating the knowledge in the chosen field.

An unbalanced chakra may mean that continuous accumulation of knowledge without using it usually is a deep-seated fear that nobody will be interested in anything you have to say.

Also, it can lead to procrastination. The truth is always involved in all the chakras but more so in the throat-singing your song or speaking your truth is vital to keep it balanced.


Emotional elements



Resonant voice


Clear communication

Fear of speaking

Listens well

Excessive talking inability to listen

Expression of creativity

Blocked creativity

Ability to speak the truth tactfully






Patterns involved

  • Always having to fix things
  • Avoid the truth it’s painful
  • Distancing oneself from difficulties
  • Burying the truth
  • Need to make people feel better
  • Tendency to live in a fantasy world


 Belief systems involved

  • I have to make people happy
  • People only love me if I please
  • I can’t face up to my own pain
  • I am always the life and soul of the party
  • I lie rather than hurt someone
  • I collude with people


Brow chakra

Brow chakra is the centre that is necessary with the union of the mind through the illumination of the soul. This is where the truth is perceived and illusions are seen. This is where we view the world around us through intuitive thought. When it is unbalanced it says very much in the left brain and logic and sense prevails. However, if it is unbalanced the other way all is seen is how one feels and logic and reason get clouded by emotions of the day. A balanced brow chakra is vital for heartfelt reasoning in conjunction with another centre that knowing that truth is the most important way of finding peace. It is about seeing oneself and others from a compassionate truthful perception. The heart and the mind work together and the heart guides the mind and there is clear discernment about what to believe and what to trust. Heart and logic work together in perfect harmony and clarity.


Emotional elements




Delusions cannot see patterns



Able to think symbolically

Reliant only on science and logic

Able to visualise

Unable to visualise




Disjointed thought

Seeing truth about self


Concentration good

Lack of focus


Patterns involved

  • Plans of revenge
  • Choosing directions according to whims
  • Run by the emotions of the day
  • Living according to others truth
  • Unable to forgive
  • Unable to let go
  • Getting information beyond self


Belief systems involved

  • I must protect the weak
  • Forgiveness is weakness
  • Life is hard
  • I act before I think
  • People need my advice
  • I am a good healer
  • I am a good teacher


Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the most important chakra of all and is concerned with physical as well as emotional functions. Its primary function is to regulate energy flow through the other chakras.

Balancing the crown chakra is vital in working with drug addictions, learning difficulties, autism, Aspergers, depression, sleep disorder and mental disorders. It assists in manifestation and expressions of gifts and abilities such as developed intuition, active intelligence and knowing. When balanced, spirituality, inspiration, devotion, philosophy and divinity are expressed. When unbalanced delusions, mental chaos, morbidly incoherency, vagueness, and scheming are a feature. A balanced crown chakra allows for the experience of peace and at-one-ment whereas an unbalanced one expresses itself as alienation and fear.


Emotional elements



Ability to perceive

Overly intellectual


Religious addiction



Detachment from guilt and pain

Attachment to guilt and pain


Spiritual scepticism


Apathy delusion

Lack of attachments







Obsessed with self

Loves unconditionally

Conditional love


Patterns involved

  • Cycles of depression
  • Delving in occult
  • Experiencing shadow self
  • Controlled by ego
  • Sweet melancholy


Belief systems to recognise

  • The shadow spoils the light
  • I am depressed
  • I am stuck in the dark
  • I must descend to the depths
  • I have no control over my emotions
  • Life is depressing
  • I cannot see the light
  • I cannot stay in the light
  • I have no choice
  • Ego is stronger than me
  • I need to control and know
  • Others are to blame




Upcoming Workshop

Attuning to Full Potential Intensive 15th—18th October 2017 930am-5pm Cork City Ireland Cost €850

This is four day course that will teach you to muscle test. No previous experience is necessary. You will learn to self- balance as well as balancing others using a very simple and powerful system.

We are full of potential but blockages, self-sabotage, resistance & belief systems hinder us from connecting to our essential nature — from Attuning to Full Potential.

  • Become a Therapist or gain a tool for working on yourself.
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  • Reconnect to your essential nature, raise your vibration and reactivate your embedded knowledge.

Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) is a new kinesiology modality that uses vibration icons monitored by muscle response to effect profound change in the client. The gift of AFP is that it allows the practitioner to work on themselves at profoundly deep levels, thus attuning them to their own full potential and unlimited growth. As this process develops one’s effectiveness as a therapist increases dramatically.

The vibration AFP icons are like a menu to release blockages from and find a new state of balance towards your full potential. With AFP you clear physical, emotional, structural or energetic blockages as well as belief systems, to help find the pathway to make new choices.

APF helps to raise consciousness by activating the dormant codes within your DNA, therefore allowing the process of transformation to begin. AFP symbols help you to reactivate your embedded knowledge by attuning to it, finding the right wave length to access you own potential, and accessing the body’s innate wisdom.

Its simple to use as via muscle testing the body chooses the icons that are required for the process of healing to begin.

For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €850.


Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle €160
AFP 1 (includes materials) Circle €240
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 Attuning to Full Potential 2 - October 16th 2017  930am-5pm Cork City Ireland Cost €240

This one day course can be completed by those who have completed Attuning to Full Potential. 

Attuning to Full Potential 2

AFP 2 will give definitions and open up your vision so you begin to understand AFP Philosophy or ‘brains on’ explanation. The Mini AFP workshop is a prerequisite

  • Helps you to feel confident and relaxed in balancing yourself and others.
  • Consolidates and refines the art of muscle testing to access underlying stress.
  • Connect and attune more to the six symbols.
  • Clear old programmes, memories, and stress that are blocking your progress by going back to the root of the cause via muscle testing.
  • Learn to ‘read” the links of the symbols causing the stress and balancing the stress.
  • Connect more deeply with Universal energy.
  • Attuning to Full Potential allows the release of old patterns and programmes, habits and belief systems to the part of you which creates experiences for healing to occur.


The vibrational AFP icons give access to your body’s files, like a menu, to release blockages and find a new state of  balance and attuning to your full potential (AFP). They will help you to connect to joy, centering, connecting to your heart, hydrating your soul and reconnecting with the original intention of your higher self.


For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €240.

Attuning to Full Potential 3 - October 17th and 18th 2017 930am-5pm Cork City Ireland  Cost 480 euros 

This two day course can be completed by those who have completed Attuning to Full Potential 1 and 2 or attuning to Full Potential 1 and CCM 3. Cost 480 euro

Completion of AFP 3 will give you all twenty-four icons as well as the six amplifiers and therefore one hundred and forty-four possibilities. You will be able to work on yourself or your client to clear sabotages, blockages, belief systems that no longer serve you, help you make new pathways and choices to become all that you or the client can be.


For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €480.

Ho'oponopono Harmonising Circle - October 14th 2017 Cork City Ireland Cost 160 euros 

Are you ready for new beginnings, new ideas, new ventures, new perspectives? What happens when you want to make the shift but you don’t know what next or how? If you are serious about making a change in ANY aspect of your life, you will leave this workshop on with the ‘WHAT’ & the tools to make the ‘HOW’ happen.

The Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle workshop gives you a very simple, but effective way of cleaning and clearing patterns that are holding you back. This practice provides the environment, the tools and community to live and be one’s authentic self.

  • Do you want to change belief systems that are holding you back?
  • Do you want to get out of your way and overcome conditioning?
  • Do you want to let go so that you can move on?
  • Do you feel blocked in your life?
  • Do you feel out of alignment with your purpose?
  • Do you feel you’re always struggling no matter what you do?


  •     Clarity of thought
  •     A feeling of relief
  •     Ability to take decisions that move you forward with ease

    You leave with a simple set of life tools that allow you to start living in a whole positive new way

The overall aim of HHC is to empower people to take responsibility for themselves, their lives, their wants, wishes and desires and live from a place of natural authenticity within themselves. The HHC provides the environment, the tools and community to live and be one’s authentic self. HHC is a powerful workshop that literally changes people’s lives, dramatically in some cases. With that in mind it is our purpose to hold this vibration within ourselves, a vibration of love, abundance, self- compassion, forgiveness….

HHC is a journey of growth and self discovery. It is a global affair that will show you your value, your worth and will provide you with a big chair for you to sit in circle with, should you choose.

HHC helps to create an amplified container which can cause huge shifts and transformations. It is a container that has the capacity to transform dissonant energy into resonant energy to bring clarity. HHC is about moving away from old patterns of resistance by clearing the memories that are holding you back via and moving to a new point of attraction. The circle helps you to practice staying present, congruent, connected and heart centered heart. You feel a deeper presence, connectedness and clarity and learn to take notes when your heart speaks. You then take this practice out in the world.


Thank you so so much Alweena for a fantastic workshop. It was an amazing experience. Thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful style of teaching. Blessings for your continued success helping countless people help themselves. Thank you. Katherina.

I’m a happy ho’oponopono’er 😇. It’s been the single most important thing that I’ve done in my life. The effects of it are profound and deep and as a tool for creating change its incredible and the effects are far reaching. It’s like dropping a coin into a wishing well and watching the ripples as everything around you starts to unfold. I can’t recommend it enough

For Further Information and bookings please contact Sandra O’Meara on +353872501412 or email Cost €160.